How To Tease Hair

Teasing Hair New Teased Hairstyles

Modern hairstyle trends are always changing, and that is what makes doing your hair so much fun. What looks great today might look terrible tomorrow, so it's important to stay on top of things. Recently, hair teasing has started gaining popularity again, nothing like the 1950's of course, but still getting popular again none-the-less. Speaking of the 1950's, hair was teased as high as it could go, adding a foot or more of height to anyone with long hair. 

In more modern times, hair teasing has lead to some attractive and subdued styles and heights. The trick to teasing your hair properly is to use the backcombing technique. Backcombing has been used since the beginning of big hair, when the beehive was the hairstyle of the day. Backcombing is actually just a different word for teasing, however people tend to mistake the two. By teasing your hair, you are creating height, depth and size. Backcombing is exactly the same. 

Some modern backcombing techniques are as follows:

1) Divide! Use small portions of hair, no more than one to two inches long, to achieve a tight base. Pack the hair tightly up against the scalp, as this creates a rock solid platform on which to build a great big hairdo. 

2) Use good spray products that will adequately support the backcombed sections. 

3) Don't use wet or hot strands of hair. Your hair must be completely dry and cool in order to prevent hair damage. 

4) Remove your backcombing style before having a shower or getting your hair wet. Teased hair is all tangled up. Having a shower or jumping into a pool before completely removing your backcombed style will lead to an impossibly tangled head of hair, so mangled and ruined that you would need to cut it all out. We want your long hair to look good, not cut off!

It is important to remember that the teased hairstyles you see on celebrities are the work of hair styling crews, with years of experience, who spend all day doing people's hair. It will be very difficult to recreate your favorite celebrities hairstyle on your own. One of the best ways to tease your hair properly is to do it with friends, all of you working on each other. Trying to make a beehive on your own would be nearly impossible, but easy with some like minded friends.